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Irish ISP Email SMTP Servers

Over the last couple of weeks, we have noticed that alot of our digiweb hosting customers have been experiencing issues sending emails through our shared email hosting servers
It has become apparent that most of the issues come from customers whom use 3g broadband connections (O2, Vodafone 3) and Vodafone at home broadband (ex BT)

This article is to quickly assist you in getting your mail set up to send mail through your broadband providers mailserver

Your incoming server (POP3)  will usually take the format (so for example, if you had registered with us, you would enter in your email application).

Your outgoing server (SMTP) is now dependent on and provided by your internet connection provider.
As of June 2010 we have collected the most common SMTP servers for Irish internet providers.

  • Eircom subscription:
  • Eircom free:
  • UPC (ex NTL):
  • IOL Free:
  • IOL Subscription:
  • Vodafone at home:
  • Clearwire: /
  • Digiweb: (note: not for use for digiweb hosting)
  • Magnet:
  • 3:
  • Imagine Broadband :
  • Perlico:
The above server hostnames are subject to change by their ISPs. Please contact your ISPs technical support department or support section of their website to find out the address of your SMTP server if this is the case.

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